Yes, they can.


Every woman who went through IVF treatment would confirm, the clinic which helped her to fulfil her dream to become mother, will  forever be the best and the only one!

OUR clinic is ReproGenesis, the clinic I am actually writing these lines for. The clinic is in Czech Republic, Brno town, located in a beautiful villa.

When we first arrived for consultation, despite common concerns and fears deep inside I felt really calm. And even though I said to myself to be strictly sceptical, during consultation with doctor I became relaxed. He was really clear, he wasn´t  promising  miracles, he wasn´t boasting about previous successes, he did not jumped to any fast conclusions. I liked his approach – kind yet very professional.  He appeared as an expert in right place who is fully aware how delicate situation for us it is and he knows level of his responsibility. He talked with us as with Caira and Christopher, who needed help to became a family and not as with an anonymous couple in the long waiting list. What he also managed – I was able to separate the possible from impossible. I finally accepted the fact that if there is chance to get pregnant, I will, if there is not than I won´t.  So far, I had not been able to do so. And it was so freeing!

I am absolutely sure that it was thanks to that individual, professional, careful and carrying  approach, that our doctor was able quite quickly determine where there could be a problem in our case. He carefully considered our previous tests, cycles we underwent and all details of treatment itself. He than recommended an IVF method, which could reveal the cause. And the method itself did not  concerned me, but my husband! Wow!

Finally, thanks to this method – PICSI was proved even though Christopher´s “swimmers“ appeared as invincible champions, after all it was them who had a problem. By this method it was found most of his sperms are lacking header receptor that binds to cells surrounding the egg.  So even his swimmers are strong fighters, they can never get into the egg! Bingo!

Christopher, facing this information, kept his cool and did not panic (at least not in public). As a true man he bit the bullet and pretended it did nothing with him nor his pride. But I knew very well how hard it had to be for his ego …

We had third treatment cycle. It was so much different! I had, prior to transfer and also after, first time in my life, professional acupuncture clinic offers to their clients in the treatment provided and  it was great and really helpful experience!

From eight eggs collected we had fertilised seven and from those we „hatched“ four great quality embryos! The doctor suggested due to my age (this was something for my ego this time – I consider myself still young!) to transfer only one embryo to avoid the risk of possible complications that comes with multiple pregnancies of women of a certain age. We were recommended five days cultivation of embryos in order to get as much  closer as to natural conception. Three more embryos we decided to froze.

And how did it all end? The pregnancy test was positive and I almost stop breathing in fear to blow away that second indicator line. I was really pregnant! I walked on my tiptoes around myself since than, smiling like Mona Lisa and even though I was afraid if everything is going well, something in my deep assured me not to worry, it will all turn out just fine. And yes, it did. We welcomed to our family  beautiful healthy baby girl!

Maybe these lines would have greater value if were written by someone whose treatment actually did not work in the end and that dream about family had never been fulfilled. Someone, who could still say, despite the treatment did not help, there was done absolute maximum to help and there was given as much hope as it could had been.

But again, I understand if the woman who had enough and there is no strength left, decides to write about it as the way how to deal with her pain, she would actually by that act does kind of definitive ending for herself. And I think it is really hard, because I know from my experience that there is always – under all those layers of pain, fear and frustration – hiding at least a little hope and gives us the strength we could one day fulfil even those apparently impossible wishes …



I wish all of you who walk this difficult path to reach happy ending – fulfilment of your greatest wish for having a baby, with the great help and support from those who make you feel secure and never in all this alone.




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